Thursday, September 21, 2006

Villians and heros?

Well, this picture is one concept picture of two that I designed for a potential comic...involving racing. It seems that bad guys to me are always funner to make than heros. I found it difficult to make a lovable character. I think that may be one thing that is pushed too much in pop culture. Why do our heros have to be flawless? If anything we can identify with villians more than hero's because of their flaws. I think it's that specific quality that always lures me to be more intrigued by a flawed hero or a villian. Everyone loves Batman and he's about as f#$% as it gets. We need more Batmen.


DaLe said...

Well look has a blog! welcome aboard the wagon sir, would you care for a drink, possibly a smoke?

Unknown said...

mmmm....yes. Lets meet up soon heir director Dale.

Anonymous said...
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