Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy birthday dale!

Here's the second caricature of two I've made this month commemorating my two good friends November birthdays. Dale, is a stop mo animation director and a keen artist who's blog you'll find in my index of links, his brother has some nice work to despite his girly name. My girlfriend seems to think this doesn't look like him, but I'd rather differ as fools do. She could be right though, I am overdue for a check up with the optometrist. Good thing I'm seeing one this wed!


Robert Rodas said...

Hey Eric...nice one of Dale. It really captures his laid back essence. Really awesome caricatures. I thought, at first glance that the other one was you. But it's been a while . Who knows what you look like now! Ha ha...Take care man, hope to run into you sometime.

Matt Cassan said...

nice colours...great feel to both of these