Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowmen of 2005

It's that time of year again... Mall madness, spending more than you make and of course fighting armies of evil snowmen who's poker party you made ruin when you peed on them. Okay, well that's not every ones idea of the holiday season but to Checkers, Buffy and David it is. These characters are based on my family pets who's abstracted personalities come to life in this scene of mayhem and quirkiness. I hope to make a short film about these guys one day, I think they'd take off on TV or in a film. Anyway, here's a picture to usher in the holiday season. It's too bad I won't have the time to make a part II this year!


Anonymous said...

hahaa.. funny picture airickz! :)

Especially the dog "wackin'" that snowman.. ahaha.. (*Let go my cone!)

Happy holidays man!


Anonymous said...

oh!.. you've got the wrong "link" to my page :0 (*I can't manage that one no more :/

Thanx man!

chris chua said...

very nice designs! love how each part of this pic tells a story:)

Kt Shy said...

Oooh MAN! This is awesome! So disturbing yet cute! Looks like an animation still.