Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Watchmen

Not having read the graphic novel, the movie trailers have built up and expectation I hope they fulfill. Here's a post of one character from the graphic novel/movie adaptation who's costume and casting choice where a nice touch for a superhero.


Kyri Kyprianou said...

V. cool...that bold yellow reminds me of 'the bride' from Kill Bill! I'm definitely looking forward to Watchmen, the book is really great (and I'm not overly into superhero stuff)

Joseph said...

Wow! This is great! Excellent work!

Gerald de Dios said...

That is on point! Fantastic caricature!

Liana Hee said...

Hi Eric, thanks for the comment. I really like your Silk Spectre too..shes got a nice superhero pose goin on! :)

MARgie said...


I thought the movie was great! I was very happy it didn't suck.

Right now I'm working in Toronto doing graphic/web/flash design but looking to switch over to something that has more to do with animation at the end of the month.

Awesome to meet someone else from Toronto! Your art is too much fun!



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