Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bioshock Colour

Here's an update I'm still in the process of colouring but thought I'd post what I've done so far as well as the flat colour version I created in flash.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Daddy Ink

So here's the inked version of my previous post. I did this in flash and have made a few adjustments along the way that differ from the original sketch. I decided to add some extra barnacles on his body suit/armor. I also meant to draw a tool of sorts like the drill or rivot gun that the Big Daddys'from the first game used as weapons. And sticking to the theme of heavy duty tools I decided to create a one-handed "Jaws of Life" for my Big Daddy. I hope this looks like it would work in the world of Rapture it's been a fun little projects so far. Next step doing the flat colours in flash and then the final step of rendering textures and lighting in photoshop!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bioshock illustration

Here's a sketch I've done just for fun. I guess I've been inspired lately by all the amazing concept art I've seen for Bioshock 1 and the recent cover art for the sequel. I also just finished the game for my 3rd time on hard. Anyway I've decided to do my own personal variant of a Big Daddy.

I'm planning on bringing this sketch into Flash and then do the rendering, shading and textures in Photoshop. Perhaps I'll find some time to do the line work this week but in the meantime enjoy the sketch!