Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Ghost of Sparta

Here's an illustration I felt compelled to do after playing through the God of war Collection for the PS3. Not only were the games a great deal of fun but the story, artwork and effort that went into these games is incredible. I found myself fascinated by the Greek mythological world they presented. As absurd as it was at times it fit the bizarre stories I remembered reading in grade school about the Gods of ancient greece. These dieties of old were nasty spiteful beings with the same desires as men despite their great powers. I find it really intriguing that ancient mythology like this still holds up so well today. I can rant and rave for a while about the GoW series but I'll leave it at this.

As for the illustration I'm actually painting it in photoshop and aiming for a nice rendered look. Here's an updated painted version...still need to fix a few things...almost done!

I'd personally play through the series again if and when the time to do so comes around.


Sjan Weijers said...

good line work! And good feet, I find feet are often hard to draw but these are very 3D.. nice :)

Greg said...

As you know I have never played the game but man this is awesome!

Draw Monkey said...

I've only played a little part of the first installment of the game but I'm really eager to see the new one... as creepy a game as it is. The vids I've seen of it actually make me a little queezy. Weird.

But in the end... that's an awesome drawing. They should make a side game with your style :)


CĂ©leste Gagnon said...

looks great Eric, I really like the shading. Great detail too :)

Dipesh said...

Nice eric!!! The Gods of War would be proud..hehe

Anonymous said...

This is SUPER GREAT ERIC!!! Really love what your doing here!!!

Lubomir said...

Hey man, nice illustration! I've always found the God of War series very appealing but never played through a game. I think mythology still holds up because it's based on archetypes ingrained deeply in the psyche of man in general.

Good to hear from another mtm'er!