Saturday, February 02, 2013

Gandalf The Grey

Well instead of griping about not being able to create or post any personal work, I decided I'd just start somewhere and progressively finish an illustration.  In the past two years I've found new ways of getting what I want out of flash without ever really having to use Photoshop.  I'm compelled to use these techniques now on my spare time to fire out some of the many ideas that linger in my head from one day to the next.   A part of me is stubborn perhaps knowing that by using Flash's vector art I can eliminates the set boundaries in Photoshop when committing to specific sizes of documents.  Plus, Flash is clean and very precise and I can get pretty sloppy if I am presented the option.

On that note, this image is one of several to come this year.  I have illustrated several rough drawings I will likely post later (or you can find on my facebook) that together will complete a spot illustration.  As of late I've been re-inspired by the beautiful work and characterization presented in Peter Jackson's  Lord of the Rings films and of course his latest, the Hobbit. My idea involves a few familiar Wizards and a hypothetical scene that could explain the onset of certain perceived events in the films.

This post in particular, is my nearly finished vector art of Gandalf the Grey contently smoking some Ol'Toby.  I'm eager to reveal the rest and will do so as I complete one character and setting at a time.



Giuseppe Balestra (MaximaFobia) said...

I love your LOTR artworks!
My approach to Tolkien's works was a little different, take a look :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Giuseppe! You have some very nice work.