Friday, May 17, 2013

Gamehouse Casino: Captain Nemo Tiles

We've had the pleasure of creating a wide variety of art for Gamehouse Casino's slot machines.  With every project we do it seems that each theme presents it own set of challenges.  Every theme has been a tircky when trying to create a different feel when it relates to a popular story that's been made into a well known film, animation or storybook.  It can be tricky to wipe your mind clean of using any imagery from previously established versions of characters and places.  I think we've been able to create new art that is not only immediately recognizable to the story it belongs to, but also unique in it's take and presentation.

This tile set is for a Captain Nemo themed slot game.  This one may be one of my favorite dealing with the themes of sea life, steampunk, fantasy, adventure and mystery.  With the helpful direction from Dan Kristjanson and Brett Clarke, I think this machine and it's tiles stand out.  Please check out this awesome machine and it's amazing backgrounds painted by the very talented Justin Nieuwland and Min Zhou on facebook.


Drawn to the Sea: Rum Jetty 2013

Last week we went on vacation, and I don't think we have had a getaway vacation like this in quite a few years.  We were very fortunate to be invited to join our good friends (and their new family addition) to stay at Rum Jetty once again.  Having been there once before I have to admit not even my memories can seem to accurately portray just how beautiful this spot is.  With every turn of your head and blink of the eye lies a perfect post card photo for the mind.  From the smell of the sea, to the sights of wildlife, Jamaica possess endless beauty.  I managed to squeeze in this single pen and marker drawing in the time we were there.  I long for the chance of being able to do this for a much longer extended period of time someday.  I'd love to do oil paintings to capture the rich palette of colours you just don't see here in the north.  It's safe to say this place will always have a place in my mind as one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

One day I hope that I'll be able to say I lived in this climate so I can scratch it off my bucket list.....and may be forget what winter is in the process.