Thursday, February 13, 2014

the Joker

I've always liked Batman, and for me his enemies seemed to make the character's world seem even more interesting.  The Joker has been one in particular that through the decades has not only lost his whimsical innocence but become more complex, intriguing and above all frightening.  I personally feel the voice of the Joker is secured in Mark Hamill's rendition, even the persona in the recent Arkham games seems to cement this character in convincing manner.  Bruce Timm's character designs also seem to have evolved into something more menacing before Batman TAS ended.  Although Nicholson and Ledgers renditions where excellent, the advantage to a CGI character seems to be the visual tie to the source material becomes much more accurate.  I also enjoy the writing and dialogue they've used in these recent games that really showcase his intelligence.  Don't get me wrong both Jack and Heath nailed the character in their own right, they were also complimented by the brilliant costuming and writing.

Anyhow here's my take on the notoriously maniacal character, incorporating aspects of all the Joker's I've found appealing.  I wish I could say how long this one took.  I'm hoping to add more characters from the Batman realm in the future when the time permits.  I made this image using Flash CS6.

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Steph said...

That's a really sweet Joker! I'm really digging the gradients!