Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I'm a big LOTR fan, I love the movies and the stories, the mythology and I find if I'm looking for inspiration I often think of the various characters and places from Tolkien's books.  I love the grim reaper like appearance of the Nazgûl.  Having done the varous wizards from the films I wanted to take a "stab" at doing one of these bad guys.  I started of ambitiously wanting to illustrate the Ringwraith on the back of a fell beast but quickly realized using Flash that would be a big undertaking.  Perhaps another time!  I'd really like to do a version of Sauron, a Balrog, the blue wizards or a Cavetroll with a Moria Orc on it's back.  I'm still undecided!

I created this using Flash CS6.