Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Wolverine is certainly one of my favorite comic characters, and I think his portrayal in film has been nailed down by Hugh Jackman performance and likeness.  I've never drawn him before and felt inspired with the idea of taking all the elements I love about the clawed brute and put them together.  Originally had him in flat colours but my love for rendering took over.   I also intended to do two head one masked and one Jackman but given my laundry list of character art I'd like to get to it'll have to wait.

This illustration was created entirely using Adobe Flash CS6.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Sauron: the Lord of the Rings

Getting rid of cable TV earlier this year have been a big help with eliminating distraction as well as providing my wife and I with more time to be productive in our personal endeavours.  With two children it's certainly a challenge to muster the energy after they fall asleep.  These days I'd rather lose myself in my own imagination or get lost in inspiration than bask in the low-grade entertainment on TV.

After I created the previous post of the Nazgûl, I felt compelled to keep going with the LOTR theme once again.  I'm not sure if I'm done with it yet either!  I have a few other ideas brewing and am flipping the mental coin on which to pursue next.  I'll be revisiting my process next time around and will do grey scale roughs in photoshop like I did with the GH slot tiles which I found helped at the colour stage in flash.

So, back to the subject matter!  I decided to create Sauron, who's technically another wizard of sorts (not unlike Gandalf and company) and I think he looks smashing next to his Nazgûl minion.  I love PJ's film interpretation of this character in the battle of the last alliance and I started with that reference and later added some magical fiery aspects similar to the Balrog.  I wanted to throw in the eye of Sauron in there but later felt it'd be too much.

This piece was created using Adobe Flash CS6.